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Lauren Hochman is the owner and founder of Lifestyle on a Budget (formerly THE TEEN RUNWAY).

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15 Must-Have Sweaters to Add to Your Wardrobe

Hello, lovely readers! It’s that time of year again when #SweaterWeather is trending, and the smell of a thousand PSLs is in the air. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year! I love shopping for that perfect, cozy sweater…


5 Fun Halloween Nail Art Tutorials on Instagram

Hello, lovely readers! Who doesn’t love Halloween? Between dressing up as someone else, watching spooky movies (Halloweentown for life!), and decorating your place, I can’t think of a better holiday to celebrate. Another thing I love about this holiday is…


10 Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked + GIVEAWAY

Hello, lovely readers! I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to debunk ten of the most common teeth whitening myths and giveaway a special treat! Read to the end to enter! 1. Myth: All your teeth will be perfectly white. Not all…

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HAUS Laboratories: My Honest Review

Hello, lovely readers! If you know me, then you know one thing: I’m a Lady Gaga superfan! That’s why I was excited when it was announced that Mother Monster was coming out with a new, cruelty-free makeup line, HAUS Laboratories!…


Skincare: 21 Day Morning Routine Challenge

Hello, lovely readers! Have you ever been stuck in a rut with your skin? It’s not getting better but it’s not getting worse? As a girl with acne-prone, sensitive skin, I know that pain very well. My hormonal acne never…


Fall/Winter Fashion Trends Roundup 2019

Hi, fashionistas! Is there a better season than fall? I can’t tell you enough how much I love this magical season that’s full of changing leaves, chilly weather, and new fashion and beauty trends! To get us all acquainted with…


Inside the ‘71 Magazine’ Style Issue

Hi, fashionistas! You may have heard through my Instagram that I joined the 71 Magazine team as a Marketing Strategy Intern this summer! 71 Magazine is an arts and culture digital publication dedicated to the arts less traveled. Their NEW…


The 10 Biggest Beauty Releases of Summer 2019

Hello, lovely readers! Are you as addicted to new beauty releases as I am? I love looking through Instagram and finding out about the latest and greatest from staple brands like Glow Recipe and Colourpop! It’s almost become an obsession…


6 Instagram-Approved Back to School Trends

Hello lovely readers! It’s that time of year again when the malls are flooded with back-to-school shoppers! The new fashion trends, fresh backpack patterns, and neon-colored school supplies are among my favorites of the year! There’s nothing like breaking out…


Top 5 Beauty Products to Try this Summer

Top 5 Beauty Products to Try this Summer was written by Love, Ceci. Hi! I am Love, Ceci! I am so excited to be doing a guest post. ❤  My blog is I am excited to share my 5…


20 Cute Sunglasses for Spring & Summer

Hi, fashionistas! Sunglasses are a key item to finish off any OOTD! They give the look a final touch, a pop of color, or polished look. Sunglasses are the final piece added to an outfit that gives it something extra,…


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