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How to Look Chic with Minimal Effort + Outfit Ideas!

How to Look Chic with Minimal Effort + Outfit Ideas! was contributed by Raye Mocioiu of What Raye Wants.

Early morning lectures are never easy. I’m in my final year of university, and I still dread the sound of my alarm waking me for my 8 am classes.

It’s hard to want to get dressed up so early in the morning when you’re still heavy with sleep. And to be fair, no one is forcing you to! If you feel confident in a pair of sweats and a tee, rock that look without remorse. However, if you’re struggling to look chic but don’t want to put the effort in before 7 am, here are my top 8 tips.

How to Look Chic with Minimal Effort + Outfit Ideas:

1. Redefine Easy.

An easy outfit does not have to be jeans or sweats and a tee. Don’t get me wrong, I love my jeans and sweats, but there are other options! Sometimes we overlook how breezy a midi skirt can be or the comfort of a pair of cuffed pants. Throw on a basic tee, and you immediately look put-together!

2. Have a uniform.

Having a go-to outfit combination takes all the stress out of getting dressed. Take note of silhouettes that look great on you, and make that your quick go-to look. My uniform consists of black skinnies, a cropped crewneck, snake-print booties, and layered necklaces. It’s so effortless, but I still feel chic.

Outfit with minimal clothing displayed on a white background.

Shop the look: Cropped Sweater – H&M, Black Jeans – Topshop, Layered Chains – Boohoo, Booties – Boohoo

3. Stockpile your favorite looks.

This is a great way to keep track of your favorite looks! If you’re wearing an outfit you love, snap a quick #ootd to save for future mornings. If you’re struggling to find an outfit, pull up your outfit album and pick one to recreate.

4. Go monochrome.

Some especially brutal mornings were made for a one-tone look – which is just as easy as it sounds, if not easier. Pick a color, preferably neutral, to make it easy, and create an outfit using different shades of that color. The obvious example is black, but try to do this with other colors, too!

Minimal style outfit on a white background.

Shop the look: Sweater – H&M, Plaid Pants – Boohoo, Backpack – Boohoo, Booties – Boohoo 

5. Rock a statement piece.

Add a statement piece to give your monochrome look a little extra flair! This could be anything from a printed jacket to a bright-colored bag. If you have a statement piece in mind, build an outfit around it. This is so simple, and you can do it from the comfort of your bed.

6. Play with proportions.

Fashion Rule: Pair a bulky piece with a slimming piece to keep your look balanced. For example, pair an oversized sweater with a slimming bottom, like skinny jeans or biker shorts. If you wear joggers, pair them with a fitted tee or a cropped jacket. This tip keeps your outfit looking balanced and put together!

Minimal outfit displayed on a white background.

Shop the look: Sweatshirt – Zara, Biker Shorts – Nordstrom, Sunglasses – Boohoo, Sneakers – Boohoo

7. The importance of accessories.

Accessories are essential because of how easily they can turn a basic look into a super chic outfit! A t-shirt and jeans turn into a Parisian-inspired look using a scarf to tie up your hair. An all-black outfit can look way cooler by adding a statement accessory. They can do it all!

8. Makeup.

On my worst days, when I really can’t be bothered, I throw on a super basic outfit and play up my makeup instead! I apply mascara, concealer, bright lip gloss, and maybe even an eyeliner wing. A bold makeup look can amp up a low-maintenance outfit.

Minimal outfit displayed on a white background with a pink lipgloss.

Shop the look: Graphic Tee – Pretty Little Thing, Mom Jeans – Boohoo, Booties – Pretty Little Thing, Lip Gloss – Colourpop

What do you think of these tips? Let me know which one was your favorite below! If you liked this post and want to read more from me, check out my blog for more styling tips or my Instagram to see my daily outfits! 

Thanks for reading!

xo Raye

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