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PASTELS…in beauty!

73952775 PASTELS...in beauty!

Hi, fashionistas!

I’m so inspired by everything spring this year (since winter is almost over), but I would have to say pastel colors are my favorite! It’s kind of like Easter all around you, but better. I was totally obsessed with pastels last spring, but this spring I’m completely sold on this magical idea!
Nail polish is a great way to embed some pastel hues into your look without having your whole look be this same style! There are so many beautiful pastel shades of polishes out on the market! I created a photo of nail polish color ideas! Here it is:
73951661 PASTELS...in beauty!
69044174 PASTELS...in beauty!76701976 PASTELS...in beauty!74817454 PASTELS...in beauty!50012281 PASTELS...in beauty!72737939 PASTELS...in beauty!77217443 PASTELS...in beauty!57697254 PASTELS...in beauty!49974105 PASTELS...in beauty!76139225 PASTELS...in beauty!
I picked an array of different brands to choose from, so there are endless possibilities. You can even make a pastel-colored nail design by combining some of these polishes!
Eyeshadow is a great way to incorporate pastels into your makeup look! If you like a more subtle look then I would choose a light pink shade such as pale pink or peach. Personally, I love wearing pink eyeshadow! I especially like wearing the light pink ones, because I’m not too big on the bright shadows on me. Here’s another interactive photo of my picks for pastel eyeshadows:

73956207 PASTELS...in beauty!

69059555 PASTELS...in beauty!69054992 PASTELS...in beauty!69062751 PASTELS...in beauty!63423705 PASTELS...in beauty!63423532 PASTELS...in beauty!75866372 PASTELS...in beauty!76450317 PASTELS...in beauty!76450369 PASTELS...in beauty!
Now for lips! Lip colors can look different for everyone, so keep that in mind when choosing your pastel lip shade. Sometimes, the color can be too pale or too dramatic for certain faces. Ok, now that we know that, let’s get started with the cute pastel lip colors! Pastel lip shades are so cute and fun! Nude is classy, pale pink is so cute, peach is fun, and purple is shockingly cool! I don’t suggest most shades like blue or green. That might look weird and awkward, but if you want to go for it, then, by all means, go for it, girl!
Here’s my interactive photo of pastel lip products:
73958205 PASTELS...in beauty!
57689972 PASTELS...in beauty!55164365 PASTELS...in beauty!76614511 PASTELS...in beauty!57801145 PASTELS...in beauty!75878153 PASTELS...in beauty!38363633 PASTELS...in beauty!75668536 PASTELS...in beauty!29580097 PASTELS...in beauty!69026832 PASTELS...in beauty!69065683 PASTELS...in beauty!73776250 PASTELS...in beauty!57857832 PASTELS...in beauty!69041306 PASTELS...in beauty!69037805 PASTELS...in beauty!69042419 PASTELS...in beauty!76104922 PASTELS...in beauty!42702670 PASTELS...in beauty!
Thank you for reading, fashionistas! I love my lovely readers! You guys make me smile every day! 🙂
Lauren Hochman
Lauren Hochman

Lauren Hochman is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle on a Budget and THE TEEN RUNWAY. She has over a decade of experience giving women advice through her writing. When she isn’t at her laptop, you can find her exploring Texas with her fiancé, Alex, and dog, Mr. Cantaloupe.

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