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Summer 2012 Beauty!

These are my favorite beauty looks for Summer 2012! I can’t wait to show you! Here they are:

1. Curly or curled hair

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2. Natural, everyday makeup

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3. Metallic eyeshadow, black mascara, and wavy hair

Photo on 3 27 12 at 2.27 PM Summer 2012 Beauty!  Model: Me

4. Peacock fascinator with matching eye makeup

554974 347599141953493 728419598 n Summer 2012 Beauty!  Fascinator: Contessa’s Court, Model: Me

5. Long eyelashes

Sara Theteenrunway1 Summer 2012 Beauty!  Model: Sara

6. Pink lipgloss

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I hope you liked my favorite summer beauty trends!




Lauren Hochman
Lauren Hochman

Lauren Hochman is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle on a Budget and THE TEEN RUNWAY. She has over a decade of experience giving women advice through her writing. When she isn’t at her laptop, you can find her exploring Texas with her fiancĂ©, Alex, and dog, Mr. Cantaloupe.

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