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How to Travel the World on a Budget – 8 Expert Tips

How to Travel the World on a Budget – 8 Expert Tips was contributed by Josh Adams.

One of the greatest travel myths is that one has to be wealthy to see the world. This is not the case. This belief holds many people back from all the benefits of travel. For many people, travel is one of life’s greatest joys. Few things are as exciting as traveling. It is also very educational. All you need to travel the world is an appetite for adventure, curiosity, and less money than you think.

jonathan borba 6jFpSZxFxcE unsplash How to Travel the World on a Budget - 8 Expert Tips

Johnathan Borba / Unsplash. Penedo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1. Find Inexpensive Airline Tickets.

One of the biggest costs involved with traveling is flying. However, there are always good deals out there. Buying airline tickets anywhere from three to six months in advance is important if you want to save money. It’s also wise to consider where you are going. Instead of picking one specific city or country to fly into, think about flying somewhere in the region. For example, if you want to visit Belize or Honduras, it may be cheaper to fly to Cancun. From there, you can take a train or bus for a much lower price. The same is true of places in Europe and Asia. This also allows you to see more.

2. Lodging doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many people are shocked to see how inexpensive lodging can be in places outside the US and western Europe. In some parts of the world, you can find a room in a nice hostel or guest house for ten dollars per night. There are even deals in places like Istanbul and central Europe. Those who want to get a lot for their money should consider looking at southeast Asia and areas south of the United States.

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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

3. Learn to live a bit like the locals

What good is traveling if you don’t get to feel what life is like for the locals? One mistake many travelers make is that they want to feel that they are back in their home country. It’s easy to find some of the same restaurant chains and high-end hotels anywhere you go, but that won’t help you save much money. Look at where the locals go and how they eat. You will gain a much bigger appreciation for the country’s culture if you dive into it and take advantage of what it offers. You will also save a lot of money.

4. Take advantage of the free and low-cost activities

In every major city, there are many free things to do. Whether it’s beaches, parks, museums, and historic churches, you can see a lot without spending anything. One of the greatest joys of traveling is walking around and seeing the sights. In many parts of the world, the activities that cost a lot back home are next to nothing.

xuan nguyen E2XzMe XmiE unsplash How to Travel the World on a Budget - 8 Expert Tips

Oia, Greece

5. Use rideshare apps and local transportation.

One of the biggest costs of traveling is getting around. It is tempting to take the first taxi you see, but this will always be the most expensive option. In almost every area of the world, taxi drivers see visitors as a gold mine. Instead, research the rideshare apps used in your destination or opt for public transit. If a city has a metro system, take advantage of it.

6. Go off the beaten path.

To save the most money, look into places off the beaten path. The most popular tourist destinations in the world are the most expensive. There are many gorgeous beaches, interesting cities, and amazing natural wonders that are ignored by many websites and magazines. Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and parts of Southeast Asia are full of places that are only “half discovered.” These places often have far cheaper lodging and have yet to have been taken over by large hotel chains. This gives them a much more “local” feel.

Picture of blue hydrangeas with a sign in Kamakura, Japan.

Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

7. Split the costs with a friend.

If you are single, traveling with a friend can be a great way to save money. Consider splitting costs on lodging and food. Traveling in this way can be incredibly cheap and a lot of fun. Being with someone adventurous can also help push you out of your comfort zone a bit. This is one important about traveling. Once you are open to new experiences, your world will never be the same again.

8. Once you do it, you won’t want to stop.

If you want to travel the world, the best advice is simply to do it. Buy the ticket, and start planning. Once you see just how inexpensive it can be, you will not want to stop. Traveling is an obsession for many. It opens your eyes. Those who travel can understand more about culture and the world around them. Traveling does not have to be expensive, and that’s why many of those who know how to travel keep traveling.

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Josh Adams
Josh Adams

Josh Adams has a degree in Economics. He is an expert on budgeting and low-cost traveling. He has traveled to 40 countries around the world. He currently lives on the Washington coast with his wife and daughter.

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