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3 Easy Ways to Style the White Summer Dress

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With heat waves sweeping the US, picking out clothing that corresponds to the weather is essential. Hot girl summer is here, and living in a swimsuit, dress, and sandals all season long can feel refreshing to anyone.

Everyone has that one flowy dress they wear in the summertime. White summer dresses have long been in style and feel cool and light after a long day of laying out in the sun. Although seemingly simple, white dresses are surprisingly tricky to style. From deciding between color combinations to playing with texture, this trend can have many reaching for assistance from their BFF. Look no further, lovely readers, because this is the guide you’ve been searching for! 

Consider looking into your options when choosing a white summer dress and how to style it in the warm weather!

Woman wearing a white dress with crochet detailing

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3 Easy Ways to Style the White Summer Dress

A white summer dress is crucial this summer, but how do you style one?

Woman wearing a white dress on the beach

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Finding the perfect white summer dress can feel exhilarating, but learning to style it is completely different. A few things to consider when styling any dress are the shoes, accessories, and handbags to pair with it.

Best Shoes to Wear with White Summer Dresses

You’ll also want to find the perfect pair of shoes when styling a white summer dress. The best part about a white dress is that you can pair almost any type of shoe, no matter the color or style.

Wearing sandals, such as the ever-famous Birkenstocks, or even a heel for special occasions is a great choice for white summer dresses. Whether the shoes are in black, tan, gold, silver, brown, bright neon colors, or even a cute pattern, they will be a beautiful addition. The options are endless!

Accessories to Add to White Summer Dresses

There are a few options to choose from when adding jewelry or other accessories to a white summer dress, so don’t be afraid to add earrings, necklaces, rings, and more.

Add a bold earring, sparkly necklace, or ring that makes a statement (it could even be your engagement ring!). Depending on the occasion or event you’re attending, you may want to adorn your outfit with statement jewelry that begs to be noticed or toned-down, dainty accessories for lowkey dinners and nights out.

Handbags Essential For White Summer Dresses

Another important step to consider when styling white summer dresses is to find the best handbag to wear with it. There are many styles of handbags to choose from, such as totes, clutches, cross-bodies, bucket bags, and much more. With seemingly endless options, it can be difficult to find the perfect one.

Something to think about when you’re wearing a white summer dress is the occasion for which you wear it. There are essential handbags to wear, whether for a night out with friends, a date night, or a family get-together.

Clutches are perfect for nights out with friends or date nights for compact wear, totes can be a good option for the beach to carry everything you need, and crossbody bags are also great to wear when you need more room for your belongings. Make sure to consider adding a pop of color to really make your white summer dress stand out. 

The Top White Summer Dresses to Wear in 2023

Now that you know how to wear your white summer dress, here are the best ones of 2023 to purchase!

Woman wearing a white dress and pearl necklace

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White dresses are perfect for multiple occasions. If you’re unsure what white summer dress to buy, here are some favorites!

White Summer Maxi Dresses

Woman wearing a white maxi dress with a denim jacket

Image courtesy of My Golden Beauty.

White summer maxi dresses are great for dinners with the girls or a significant other and strolling the boardwalk. 

Finding the best white summer dress is crucial this summer, as many options exist. One of the best ones to check out are white maxi dresses because they can come in many cuts, styles, and fabrics.

Sandals or heels are the perfect companion to white maxi dresses, and adding a jean jacket, clutch, or tote bag will make the dress pop. You can look for dresses with a side slit, scooped or v-shaped necklines, and even search the many designer options.

White Lace Summer Dresses

Woman wearing a lace detailed white dress

Image courtesy of Selfie Leslie.

A short, white lace summer dress can be the perfect look for any date night or special celebration with friends and family, as they add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

White summer dresses are popular during the warmer months, and purchasing a lace dress will help make yours stand out. 

A white lace dress would look best with a pair of sandals or even high heels of any color, and adding a clutch can make it easier to keep all of your personal belongings in one place. Including a touch of subtle jewelry can help add some extra details to pull the look together.

Designer Summer Dresses

Woman leaning on a chair in a short white dress

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While searching for dresses on a budget can be difficult, finding the perfect designer white dress can help to boost your confidence. If you want to splurge a bit, there are a few options to consider; the main one is looking into designer dresses.

Designer dresses can add a touch of lux to any look, and there are many great brands to look into. If you are searching for designer dresses, but don’t know where to look first, consider checking out Shopbop. Shopbop is an online retailer with countless options at great and affordable prices!

Plus-Size Summer Dresses

Woman wearing a white dress and straw hat

Image courtesy of My Curves and Curls.

White summer dresses look beautiful on every body type, and plus-sized is no different. Many brands make some of the best and most comfortable plus-size white dresses that are inclusive for people of all shapes and sizes.

There are many options, from long maxi dresses to short dresses, with sleeves or sleeveless, and various fabrics, such as lace, cotton, and more.

White summer dresses are in, and while it’s important that you have one in your closet, it’s essential to remember to style it in a way that makes you feel happy and confident. Choosing the best pair of shoes, accessories, and handbags can make a huge difference and ensure that you will rock the trend, no matter where you are.

Consider purchasing a white summer dress and learning to style it correctly this summer.

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