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RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art

Hi, fashionistas!

If you’re an art freak in San Antonio like myself, you may know that last month one of the best showcases hit the Aztec Theater: the RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase! This was a huge event, full of amazing artworks from over 50 local artists, fabulous, dramatic hair and makeup artistry, and live entertainment that packed a serious punch. I think it’s safe to say that it was definitely one of the best nights of my life, which is why I wanted to divide it up into 3 parts: Art, Entertainment, and Fashion!

CONNECT theme RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art

Photo courtesy of RAW Artists

To kick off the series with a creative bang, I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite artists from the event! At the showcase, I met some of the most amazing artists and even bought a few pieces of their art! They were all so kind and talented. I was in total awe.

First, we have Julie Mino, an abstract artist with a flair for some serious color. Here’s one of my favorite works of art from her display:

JHP06070 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art


I’m a huge fan of abstract art so this piece really spoke to me. Julie is also a wonderful person and I learned a lot from her, so talking to her definitely was the icing on the paint-splattered cake. I also bought one of her $25 original paintings to hang in my room! It’s loaded with pastel brush strokes that are like heaven on a canvas.

Here’s Mino talking to Alice Moeller of SK Michael, who was a featured fashion designer at the showcase:

SRC5230 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art

Photo by SERichard Photography

Another highlight was Kenneth “Kenny” Torres, another amazingly talented abstract painter! He not only paints on canvases but also on road signs and wood surfaces to give the work more depth. He had one painting where you could look at it for any given amount of time and you would still see parts of the sign seeping through. It’s almost like you get multiple paintings in one!

Here’s a picture of his area:

SRC5241 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art


JHP05635 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art


He designs his works so that the viewer can take it in and see what they want to see, which I think is an interesting approach. I also bought two of his paintings, one for myself and one as a gift (the painting second from the left in the second picture).

Another artist that I loved was Ryan Wheeler, who specializes in fluid art, which is something I’ve been thinking about diving into. I’m so fascinated by the quick process and how the paint swirls together in a way you couldn’t predict. As you can imagine, I was very intrigued when I saw his display!

SRC5138 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art

Photo by SERichard Photography

JHP05648 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art


How beautiful are these paintings? I can’t get over how creative and completely free they are. Here’s Wheeler looking like he’s on top of the world (shown left with his cool, purple hair):

JHP05652 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art


Last but not remotely least, Wendy Bowman stole my heart with her array of beautiful photographs, including a bit of local color and dramatic scenes that will take your breath away. Here’s Bowman posing in front of her beautiful photos:

SRC5238 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art

Photo by SERichard Photography

My personal favorite:

JHP05912 RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Art


I love it because it’s so raw and real. Usually, swimming pool photos are about perfection, but this one sums up how everyone (or at least me) looks after stepping out of a pool, a beautiful mess.

Until my next post, fashionistas! There were a million other artists I would have loved to include, but unfortunately, my space is limited. If you want to check out more of the artists featured in this event, click here. I suggest you do because there is so much more talent to see. I also want to thank Raw Artists for allowing me to attend as Press so that I could meet these talented creators. Until Part 2!

As always, I love my lovely readers!



Lauren Hochman
Lauren Hochman

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