RAW Artists CONNECT Showcase: The Entertainment

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Welcome to Part 2 of my RAW Artists Connect Showcase series! Not only was the art inspiring, but the entertainment was also one of my favorite parts of the showcase. It definitely added another level to the experience!

When I first arrived at the event, I heard some great music coming from the stage and I just knew that I had to check it out! The band that was playing was called Lion Throne, which is a local rock band based in San Antonio.

Photo by SERichard Photography

From the perfect lighting, the crowd getting really into the performance, to even how crazy the lead singer, Bryan Montoya, got with his facial expressions, it was like a real concert in every way. You could really feel the emotion in his songs, which was really captivating and kept me wanting to watch more opposed to simply listening to it in the background.

Here’s are a couple examples of his expressions:

Photo by SERichard Photography

Photo by SERichard Photography

Let’s just say, I’m looking forward to when they go on tour! In addition to the amazing music, performing art also took center stage at the showcase, including some hilarious stand-up comedy.

One of my favorite comedians at the event was A.J. Garces, who is an observational comic. He states on his RAW profile that he strives to, “tell compelling stories that will relate to crowds on a personal level,” which you can definitely feel through his performances.

Here are some pictures of him throwing some comedic gems at the crowd in his own unique style:

Photo by SERichard Photography

Photo by SERichard Photography

Aside from comedy, the art of dance was also celebrated with performances by Stevie Rae Raw, a local dancer with an impressive 20-year career! His performance was creative, inspiring, and definitely had me in awe the whole time I was watching. Unfortunately, I could not find any official photos of his performance, but I found one from his Instagram, which you can also follow for videos of him dancing!


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As you can see, there was so much talent at this event that I was totally star struck! Click here for the full list of artists who showcased at the event, including all of the performers. I highly suggest you check out all of their accounts for more inspiration!

Until my next post, fashionistas! Get ready for Part 3 where I’ll be diving into the fabulous fashion and beauty at the showcase! As always, I love my lovely readers!



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Lauren Hochman

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